Monthly I.T. EMAIL Updates

 We value your time, and JUNK mail is NOT what we want to litter your INBOX with


When VITAL information like the END OF ALL MICROSOFT XP SUPPORT comes out, we would like to notify you of this important change in the way your computers will be affected.  

While we would like to say that this is the ONLY reason why we are reaching out to you, that would not be the ENTIRE truth. Yes, we would like to politely remind you of our services that we market to your company, and yes, we do charge for them - reasonably of course.

These notices usually go out only once a month, and with them, we try to offer FREE Value Added Tips that are designed to help you, like getting FREE Anti-Virus from your local Cable providers like Comcast, Time-Warner, and AT&T just to name a few. This tip, if you did not have the Antivirus, just saved you $40.00 per computer, on average - all at no cost - just for receiving our monthly newletter.

Please think about it, since we are only trying to take the "SH" out of your I.T. issues!



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