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Computer Crash Oh NO, It just happened! After hours of working on the report - it's GONE! You thought you made the back up, but it was days ago and you just got busy - not what do you do?

1. Don't try to reinstall your operating system - it might overwrite your data.

2. Don't keep restarting the computer - it might do more damage.

3. Last, but most important - CALL US NOW! We have technicians that will respond to your location for a primary assessment fee of $75.00, we will do an onsite analysis of your drive and tell you what your options are, and in certain cases, we may be able to recover your data right there ONSITE at an hourly rate.

4. If we can do an onsite recovery, we will copy your data off of the drive for you at our hourly rate. If can determine that the drive MAY be salvagable, we will try a software recovery - ONSITE, unless it is time prohibitive.

5. If, the last option is to pull the drive because it needs to be disassembled, it WILL be the most expensive; with prices starting at $1300.00.  We leave this as the last option, since it is, unfortunately, the most expensive.


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Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery


Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery


Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery