I.P. Security Cameras


Internet Protocol Cameras, (I.P.Cams for short)


 Yup, they sell these cameras at all the popular stores, and you can do them yourself - until you can't; and then you call us, so why don't you call us first?

As a business owner, you can't be at work 24 hours a day, especially when you are open every day.  Employee dishonesty is a fact of life, and background checks can only tell you what a person has done, not what they will do.   We currently provide I.P. camera systems to many of the popular fast food franchisees to allow their owners to monitor employee productivity and property security.


 We do NOT recommend connecting wireless cameras to DVR since the wireless security from the camera to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), what used to be the VCR to record what is going on, can be jammed.  Wherever possible, a hard-wire connection from the camera to the box, or now to the Internet through the "Cloud" is preferred.

DVR, or Cloud, recording the information is important. Our systems go one step further by connecting you to your business with your Smartphone, Tablet, or computer.   MAC, or PC, they are all compatible with our systems.

You can start with a 4 Camera Model


Move up to an 8 Camera model to cover more of the hidden areas of your business

But most of all, watch your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Email us at Info@mssg.us for more information.