Company FAQ

I can't decide whether I want to buy/upgrade to Windows 8, what should I do?

Great question! Many people are afraid of change, and Windows 8 is DEFINTELY a change for the person not used to keeping up.  Our company can remote to your internet connect computers and reconfigure the look of your Windows 8 machines to look like XP, Vista, or Windows 7 all for just $25.00 per device.

Quanitity discounts for more than 10 are available, so please ask.


Do you accept credit cards?

We currently accept PayPal as a secure form of payment that will allow our clients to engage in a secure form of financial transaction to obtain our service.

Can I schedule an appointment to have the work I need performed after hours?

Yes. Our redesigned website will allow you to schedule the any time available, and after 11pm with just 5 hours notice.

Are your employees trained and certified by (inter)nationally recognized organizations?

Yes. CompTia, Microsoft, and many others to certify that individuals carrying their ID cards are familiar with their hardware and software.

Do you have web designers to speak with me about my needs for a personal or corporate website?

Yes. Our web designers have experience in small to large e-commerce and information websites that begin with a Statement Of Work (SOW) to clearly explain what each side will provide to complete the site as requested.  Our designer will team with you and your company to bring forward the best presentation to your potential client base.

How much do you charge per hour?

Our rates begin at $85.00 per hour or any part thereof - PLUS the cost of ALL ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE WORK REQUESTED, and go up - depending on the type of work needed. We put this information in BOLD because we are not trying to hide the costs for our services in small print.

Currently, we DO NOT add any additional markup to the software or hardware because the client can find them on the internet cheaper. We bill for our time and expertise in the area.  Whether we are onsite, or Remote to you computers, our technicians are there to help you solve your most difficult problems.

Contact us today to schedule a your network at


Do you support medium sized companies?

Yes, and we look forward to presenting options that will allow us to safely maintain your company.

How long will it take to complete the work I need to have done?

Answering that question is not easy because each Client has different needs that are unique to the situation. Many of our clients begin with one task, and then find out that there are so many more things that we can help them accomplish that the project grows because they have either not kept up with the recent technology, or they want to maximize the power of their network.

I just bought my computer; do I still need your help?

If you don't understand how to configure it, or want customization of certain features, desktop look, connecting to a network then, YES, you do.

Are you a U.S. Based company?

Yes. We are located in the United States and employ technicians that are legally authorized to work in the U.S.