Our telecom professionals have been in the telecom business since 1994. We work with businesses to help lower their overall  telecom costs and improve operations efficiency.

With the new VoIP options available to businesses, cost reduction becomes an automatic savings.

  • Local Telephone Service
  • Long Distance Telephone Service
  • Toll Free Long Distance Service
  • Hosted VoIP Services
  • Hi-Speed Internet Access DSL,T1s, MetroE
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services
  • Co-Location/Web Hosting Services
  • Wireless (Satellite) Data and Internet Access Services

 For those clients needing new telephone systems and/or maintenance services, we have several highly qualified sources that we can recommend. We also work with clients on bill auditing and bill integrity, as well as cost recovery for those clients that may have been overbilled by their present carrier.

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