One-Page Website - ONLY $250.00

For those businesses that don’t need an extensive website, just web presence, here is a great solution. We can build a one-page website for you for only $250.

What you get:

Your choice of layouts (click on thumbnails below to see full layout)

Your own photo* integrated into the existing banner

Your logo*, company name, address & phone number integrated into the existing banner

Your tag line integrated into the existing banner

Up to six additional photos*

Your own content

Up to 10 keywords added to the keyword tag**

One sentence description added to the title tag**

Manual submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Hosting for one year with our hosting company. Renewals will be $

Up to 5 email addresses

*Client must provide digital, high-resolution (300 dpi) photo and logo. If client does not have photos, client can elect to have stock photography added to their website at a cost of $30 for each stock photograph.

** Keyword tag and Title tag are added to the background of your website so that it will be indexed by the search engines. There is no guarantee as to placement of your website in any search engine.

Client is to provide all photos and website ready content/text. We will make minor edits your text as needed.
If you wish to have more than one page, now or into the future, please call for a quote.



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