Building Wiring and Rewiring of Data and Telecom Cabling Rooms

Upgrading and remodeling gives you the opportunity to not only upgrade, but also increase the value of your building for the 21st Century clients you are looking to attract.  The actual value will appreciate because of the amenities that you will be providing with high speed cable, video, voice and data.


When you hear about wireless in buildings, or high speed connections, your mind should drift to the use of the information superhighway starting and ending at your front doorstep - just NOT using Linksys, D-Link, or other residential grade wireless devices. We use a commercial grade wireless appliance that is directional and SMART enough to realize where the signal is coming from and who needs it in the building in order to direct the wireless signal beam towards the user.

In adition to this, using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your voice, with the high speed connection for your data to local providers will give you the competitive advantage to succeed in the world that has now become a 24 hour a day environment.