NEST Home Automation


To come home to the soothing breezes of cool air over the summer sweltering heat, running before you even set foot in the door using the NEST Thermostat



 The 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat comes with the highest resolution to easily read, and access from the Android/Iphone App in the palm of your hand, from anywhere in the world when connected to the internet.   If your home has more than one Air Conditioning unit, the App can handle it and individually identify each one. 



Mounting the NEST Thermostat requires the removal of the old Faceplate, and base, and the installation of the new NEST base with wiring already color coded. If a DIY project is not for you, then we have pricing from $99.99@ to install your systems and connect them to the WiFi in your house.

Our technicians are trained in Network configurations and can walk you through the App in a few minutes.


Being away from your home can be difficult with your little furry creatures. Our 4 legged friends also know how to get into trouble as well and with the NEST Dropcam, you can see what they are doing and take corrective action. 

With the motion sensor detection in your camera, you can tell whether someone, or something, is moving when it notifies you with a clip of the activity, alertiing you to an urgent matter or a funny activity that they are engaging in.



Even sitting on a bookcase, Burglars rarely notice it as their face is caught on camera and stored in the cloud server while the homeowner is notifying the police and sending a copy of the clip to the Police Dispatcher for onsite identification.