Law Firms

In this economy, many attorneys are leaving medium to large law firms to start their own boutique sized offices in this economy that focuses on a more specialized are of the Law.

Scales of Justice


Because they are not sufficiently large enough to support the additional full time staff to address I.T. needs, My Support Services Group has stepped in to fill the gap with affordable services, no contracts, and suggestions to allow them to compete on the same level as their prior employers.


Whether you need Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to keep up with work at the office, from home or the road, we can build the network for your needs. Adding Blackberries, or smart phones to the office will allow you to stay in constant contact with your clients and send information to colleagues and the Clerk of Courts as well.

Whether you use Amicus Attorney, Client profiles, PCLaw, or any of the other popular packages for managing your practice, training is also available through our strategic partners at your office, by appointment, to keep you current with the most technological edge that we can provide in an affordable package.


Don't let your size keep you from realizing that you can compete with the "Big Dogs" in the industry.